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Thread: *FREE* stalk for cull muntjac in Oxfordshire

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    *FREE* stalk for cull muntjac in Oxfordshire

    Afternoon all

    I have cleared this with Alex to post and so here goes:

    I would like to offer someone the opportunity to come and stalk on the estate for an afternoon on cull muntjac, no charge and you can take the carcass away afterwards.

    The finer details:

    This is open to people (young or old) who have never shot a muntjac before

    Ideally to be taken over the next 3 weeks

    A donation to charity is all that is asked

    PM me with who you are and why your keen, one person will be chosen at random.

    All the best
    *Please note that this opportunity has now ended, 2 members were selected and I'm sure will do write up's if successful*

    Many thanks
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    What a great offer for someone .

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    A very nice gesture!

    pm sent


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    That's me out I'm middle aged and I've shot on, What a great offer Tom.

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    What's a Muntjac
    Only joking, good luck to the person that gets chosen.
    I was on a guided Fallow stalk once, we had given up and was on our way home when I saw and shot a Munjac. Much to the surprise of the other guy when we got back to the larder, he thought we had come across the Fallow.

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    An excellent offer. Very well done

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    A great offer. PM sent.
    Starbucks. It's not my cup of tea.

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    PM sent, good offer

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