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Thread: CZ452 Magazines

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    CZ452 Magazines

    I am looking for some spare magazines for a CZ452 .22LR

    If you have any hiding away having sold your rifle drop me a PM please

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    Get the steel ones. Plastic ones are IMO a bit nasty.

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    Nothing wrong with the plastic ones imo we have quite a few at one of my clubs for some of the club rifles and they've had 1,000's of rounds through them and no problems and you can get new 10rd ones for 24.95 compared to 47.95 from riflemags., I got one a few months ago as I only had 2 X 5rd mags that came with the rifle.

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    Ah okay, maybe I've been unlucky but out in the field I've found he plastic 10 round one jammed up with crap and stopped feeding cleanly whereas the 5 shot steel one continued without missing a beat.

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    What really b&ggers them up is leaving them loaded (in the safe) because the springs lose tension, I have both plastic 10 round as well as the original steel 5 round mags and found that the plastic mags are just as robust.

    Atb WB

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    +1 for riflemags uk ,and yes i like the polimer ones too,

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    That's me told then :hehe:, perhaps I've just got a dodgy one!

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    rinse it through with w/d soak it drip dry,good to go

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