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Thread: New Lad from Cumbria

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    New Lad from Cumbria

    Hello all
    Just joined only right to get a quick intro out the way, Been shooting since a young lad and am a couple of weeks of the big 40
    Held an FAC for the last 6 years open for ticket for the last 3
    Shoot .22 rimmy
    .223 cf
    .243 cf
    .308 cf and a bit with the shotguns
    Like me fishing fresh and salt water got into rifles after many years flying/hunting birds of prey
    Just passed DSC1 with Ron Rose at the weekend and registered for level 2 (so any one willing to help me out on this would be great joiner by trade)
    Big on my Fox shooting over the last few years realy got into it but am keen to progress more into stalking deer looks like the right site to be part of.


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    Ay up welcome to the site and your right lots of good helpfull people on here well done on passing your level 1

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    Was that the Carforth Course?


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