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Thread: First centre fire

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    Smile First centre fire

    Hi Guys, just after a bit of advice.
    I am currently waiting on my variation to be approved, I have applied for both 243 & 270, havn't decided which to go for yet, I think I prefer the idea of the 270 as it gives me the option of Boar should any wander into my permission, being in East Sussex its not impossible.
    So I'm after advice on the best budget option, money is pretty tight So I'm looking to spend around 500 ish.
    So far I have looked at the savage axis, which comes as a package with scope for around that money, but gets mixed reviews for a heavy trigger and bendy fore end, I'm not precious, and would happily buy second hand, its just knowing what to look for.
    Local shop has a ruger m77 Mk2 in 270 with scope for the same money, but dont know much about them, or how to tell a duff one.
    I have a cz455 17hmr with a nice short varmint barrel which I love, nice and acurate, Would i get a CZ 243/270 at sensible money?
    Howa do a nice package on the 1500, scope/mod and bipod for around 900, would it be worth waiting and saving the extra? (Should point out that I am very impatient when it comes to new toys ).
    Any tips or advice on what to look out for greatly appreciated, its gonna be mainly Deer, the odd fox maybe, and just possibly Boar.
    (sorry for the long waffle, ) cheers all,
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    The Ruger would do you good service, but the triggers are far too heavy out of the box. I wouldn't touch the Savage. You need to shop around. Cheap 270s are everywhere. It's the sort of calibre lots of people bought 30 or 40 years ago, took stalking a handful of times and now languish on dusty gunshop shelves in good condition. The right one will turn up.

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    I wouldn't spend too much cash on a new one. You'll find some really good deals on nice 2nd hand 270's. The ruger option sounds good.

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    Have a 22 250 M77 Mk 2 bought off here 2nd hand and it key holes! It was SO cheap and a trade member that I trusted the condition - accurate as described by Northern Optics it was near mint - some marks on stock but I'm being picky. The barrel is showing minimal wear luckily - others have been caught out elsewhere - if you buy the Ruger have they examined the bore with bore scope?
    Mauser M03 Extreme .308 / Ruger 22 250

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    This was well done here about two weeks ago.

    Guntrader has a nice selection of used Sako 270's with decent scopes on board for 500 to 750.

    I would not not buy a cheap new rifle.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    +1 on the Second hand Sako route
    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not using it in a fruit salad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler View Post
    This was well done here about two weeks ago.

    Guntrader has a nice selection of used Sako 270's with decent scopes on board for 500 to 750.

    I would not not buy a cheap new rifle.
    Sound advise , a good used rifle beats a cheap new one . Handle a few different models if possible and see what fits you best , if possible , and go from there . My favourite hunting rifle was made when Hitler was still popular . I guess you could say it's well used , that's OK , so am I lol .


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    Cheers for all the advice folks, I'm liking the sound of second hand now. The more I read about the savage, the less keen I am, the stock seems to be made of placticine lol.
    So what are the tell tell signs to tell me to walk away, is there a way to tell if the barrell is shot to death? (no pun intended) etc.

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    To add another question into the list which (I think) is relevant - there ARE loads of nice s/h 270 packages around and I'm looking for one too. One brand which seems to be good value is Steyr/Mannlicher - I have handled a few though not fired any, and they seem to be good quality - the older ones with the rotary mag. A trawl through the forum suggests they're not as popular as other brands hence the value and the fact that they appear to stick in dealers, I guess. Are the older models a sound buy, or is it worth going down the more popular route?

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    I own an older Steyr Mannlicer Model M full stock carbine in .270 Winchester and I love it.
    It is beautiful, slim, only 6 pounds with the scope off ( I have a scope on Warne bases in QR rings).
    It is very accurate, and the full rifles even more so. My 1952 Express in .30-06 will cut a match stick off the bags at 100 yards. Almost all of the Model Ms came with excellent iron sights, and all of the previous models did. Some came with factory twist off scope base and ring sets, which are worth quite a lot if you had to buy them separately.

    Steyr replaced it with the SBS action for several reasons, one being that the older design was expensive to make. The current equivalent of the older Model M in walnut is the Mannlicher Classic, which in the USA is about $2900.

    I have two of the modern SBS rifles in synthetic. They shoot superbly, but do not have the soul of the older ones in polished blue and walnut.

    One final point: The Model M came in two grades of wood, Standard (which is about like a modern Sako Bavarian), and Luxus, which is like a Sauer Luxus. The only synthetic model was the Professional, in a brown, green nor black Cycolac stock and matte finish.

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