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Thread: Lead ammunition group to be formed

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    Lead ammunition group to be formed

    Full report here .
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    God help us

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    Yp i don't think god could sort this out, lets hope John Swift can ...................................i'm not holding my breath

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    It's John Swift I was worrying about

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    Council must have approved this collaboration yet the first the membership hears of it is via a posting on their web site.

    I would have welcomed BASC conducting their own, independant consultation on this issue but am deeply troubled by the apparent ease with which Council and the Executive Officers forge alliances without consulting the membership.

    I have been a long time defender of BASC and still believe it is the best organisation for the defence of sport shooting. I do not, however, pay my membership fees only to see them jump into bed with the likes of the RSPB and the Countryside Alliance, both of which are either deeply critical or antagonistic of the Association's stance over previous issues.
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    There's an interesting article in this weeks Shooting Times. It seems we have the RSPB batting against us (and you know how deep their pockets are) as they are concerned about their beloved raptors eating lead in gralloch. They claim to have figures to back it up as some research has been done on eagles in America and come to that pigs fed on venison (?!) here.


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    Wasn't it Private Fraser who said 'we're all doomed'?

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    The BASC is quite detached from shooting reality. With their stance on rifles/lead, i am sure they will waive our rights just like they did with shotguns. If BASC is the 'voice of shooting' we are doomed. As with the gamebird welfare act and their support of the crazy ammendments, i wonder if they will amalgamate with LACS and IFAW. NGO,BDS and CA get my vote for decent representation.
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    Get on their website and send a message to the Council - which is what I've just done. Like Roebuck I've been a staunch defender of BASC over the years but they are simply taking the p*ss now. If they can't see where this is going they are terminally stupid. All the multi-media state of the art communication gizmos in the world wont help if the organisation is being run by self-interested dimwits. I'd challenge anyone to give a single instance of BASC actually rolling back anti-shooting legislation. I'm sure they can come up with lots of instances where they claim to have "influenced" the legislative process so it is less damaging. We may not have been stabbed in the heart but we are still bleeding to death while BASC 'consults' with the *******s wielding the knives. If they were child care social workers in Birmingham they'd have been sacked by now!

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    I happen to take a different view on this. Anyone who thinks that the issue of lead will go away if we don't talk about it might as well stick their fingers in their ears and shout "la la la". If the shooting organisations and their members do not get involved do you really think the research won't happen???

    According to its website the RSPB has over a million members and nearly 80m available for "charitable purposes". BASC has 130,000 members, the CA has 105,000, the NGO 14,300 and BDS has 6,000. Sadly numbers count, especially to politicians. Who do you think the government and other legislators are going to listen to? Do you think if we stand on periphery as individuals with the facts on our side they'll listen to us?? Get real. We've seen before that the politicians won't let the facts get in the way of appealing to a large number of voters.

    To get our voice heard, like it or not, it has to be done through the shooting organisations. At least the BASC is getting involved - to paraphrase the classic words of Lyndon B Johnson, I'd rather have BASC inside the tent p*ssing out than outside the tent p*ssing in.

    If you're a BASC member make your voice heard by following Bandit Country's lead and emailing the council, telling them how strongly you feel on the issue. Even better, use your election vote and get Griff onto the council. If you're an NGO member, ask them why they're not involved in this research.

    But if your plan is to just sit on the sidelines, moan and bitch about things but not actually get off your a*ses and do anything, don't look to me for sympathy when the legislation comes in.

    Rant over, tin hat on and diving into the foxhole


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