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Thread: Quad instead of 4x4?

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    Quad instead of 4x4?

    Anyone else thought bout or went down route of a cheaper to run motor & tow a quad on trailer instead ?

    Never had quad before


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    They are fine if you enjoy shooting or lamping on your own. If you are used to foxing or lamping with mate in the passenger seat then its not quite the same
    also good fun in summer can be nippy in winter

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    After years of running a small 4x4 work and two winters where it was so wet tractors were bad enough in the fields let alone the average 4x4, to cut down on my fuel bills I ended up buying a citreon dispatch van and an old Kawasaki 300 quad that fits inside the back. Within six months my fuel savings paid for the quad and I could access areas for extraction where I couldn't before.I am fortunate in that most of my stalking is within a few miles of home so I can always pop home to pick up the quad if needed and the last couple of reds wouldn't fit in the van so I had to drop them back first then return for my quad.

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