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Thread: Cz527 223 varmit laminated rifle plus some extra's

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    Cz527 223 varmit laminated rifle plus some extra's

    The CZ 527 Varmint Laminated is a rifle made with highly resistant laminated wood stock. This model comes with a 24” hammer forged barrel.

    1:9 Twist rate

    I am the second owner of this rifle, the previous owner used it for “foxing”, myself used it for target only.

    With my shot count and his, its an approximate 600/650, I can not guaranty the previous owners count, but it was stated as fair and I see no reason for it to be wrong. There are very small marks from general “wear and tear” but nothing too harsh at all it does not effect the operation of this rifle. The barrel is threaded for a MOD, but I never had for this or used one on it myself, the previous owner was going to send on the thread cover, and never did so a friend made one for it to help me out.

    I am selling two 223 rifles purely to replace them with just the one, and no other reason.

    This sale comes with:-
    A spare “metal” magazine. Original CZ
    A spare bolt handle that’s fitted on (the original comes with it) and its a “Custom Reloading Tools LLC” The replacement bolt handle is a completely new design that was created to address the scope clearance problems, poor ergonomics, and poor aesthetics of the factory bolt handle. The Machined bolt handle is made out of 303 Stainless Steel for the ultimate in durability. In addition it's also machined for the much needed clearance of today's larger scopes
    A single load block from Bob Hanin The Original Bob Sled

    All the extras are near to new, and would cost about 180 if you could import them, and that’s an “if”, I know the mags are available in the UK at around 50 ish each.

    For sale is the rifle only, with two magazines, Spare Bolt Handle ( as described) and a loading block (single feed loader) The photos are of the complete rifle, the scope and Bipod are not included.

    If bought, you will require this to be a FTF transaction, and have a space on your FAC for it, or shipment to an RFD, which I will pay shipping from here to most UK RFD's.
    Advertised elsewhere.

    For sale at 525 the package.
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    Gary Beechener

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    I have sold the Bolt Handle, so the original bolt handle will be back on the rifle.

    Therefore its a price alteration/drop to 475.00 For sale is the rifle, with two five shot metal magazines, and a single shot loading block (single feed loader) I can supply photos, but is just the Bolt handle thats not included..
    Gary Beechener

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    A I said the Bolt handle has been sold and now one of the metal mag's so it only comes with one mag and a reloading block. NOW 425.

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    Gary Beechener

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