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Thread: Hazel Sticks (nice and straight)

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    Hazel Sticks (nice and straight)

    For making market sticks etc.

    Hazel. chestnut, ash, blackthorn etc.

    Would anybody have some available 1.25m in length or thereabouts, 25mm across the top tapering to around 18mm across the bottom or thereabouts.

    Give me a shout if you can supply/help.


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    Come down here mate you can have as many as you can carry out of 120 acers.Wf1

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    Just a wee bit too far to travel bud, but appreciate the offer.

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    Highland horn
    straight and dry

    saves months of ball ache and wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Highland horn
    straight and dry

    saves months of ball ache and wait

    ^^^^ This.

    They don't grow straight.

    I've never cut one yet that didn't need some straightening.


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    Thanks for the info (bewsher500) been in touch this morning.

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