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Thread: tasco titan

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    tasco titan

    hello all,
    has anyone used one of these scopes and if so what are your views of them. i'm torn between getting one of these or spending an extra couple of hundred pounds on something like a schmidt and bender.

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    Hi Mjjl,
    Frankly mate I thought that tasco were for air rifles. You really do need to think about buying a better and yes, more expensive scope; even if its a Leuopold or something in that price range. The scope is the most essential part of deer stalking. Get the best you can afford mate. Honestly you won't regret it!

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    thats what i thought mate although the titans are supposedto be tasco's top of the range scopes i was sceptical as i havent heard much about them.

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    Its only my opinion mate but Leupolds are a nice in-expensive scope. You get alot for your money. Cheaper still through Cabelas.

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    I use a Meopta 6x42 - and like it a lot, and they were very good value, but now becoming more expensive. S&B are wonderful, likewise Swarovski and Zeiss. And Leupolds are also tough and used by most American Hunters, but optics are not quite as good as German / Austrian scopes - the latter will give you about ten mins more shooting time at last light.

    The best value by far are the fixed 6x42's - especially the S&B Hungarian, and if you don't have a lot of pennies spend your money on a good fixed power, rather than a cheaper Zoom. And here are usually plenty of good 2nd hand fixed power scopes around as people trade up to a zoom.

    I once bought a cheaper scope for my .22 (100 ish of Japanese origin)- its still on there and but have regrettd the purchase ever since, but can't really justify at the moment putting something better on it.

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    Scopes are tricky little items to get right, and generally speaking the more you pay, the better you do, however you have to consider what you want it for. I have S&B, Pecar-Berlin, IOR all sorts on my rifles, I also have Tasco Target/Varmint 6-22X42 on my 22 lr, turns a rabbit at 100 yards into an Elephant! it's been on the rifle for a few years and the zero has never moved.

    Now then Mr B, education time , I had an RWS 3-9 (still got somewhere in fact) air rifle scope on a Hornet for a good while and it served it's purpose perfectly. What you have to bear in mind that a springer air rifle kicks the living **** out of a scope and they have to be tough to survive. Many hunters have, and still do use "air rifle" scopes on their rifles, they are tough.

    So, I suppose what I am saying is that generally speaking the more you pay for a recognised brand of scope the better off you are, but, it ain't necessarily so


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    The one thing I believe with many Rimfire and Airrifle scopes is the Parallex or focus of the objective lens is set for 40 or 60 yds as opposed to 100yds for centre fire scope. This is an issue on high power scopes - as it causes a change in zero - thats why many high power airrifle scopes have adjustable parallex on the objective lens - but much less so than at lower power.

    Agree on the that springers kick hell out of scopes - thats why many use one piece monunts as opposed to two piece that we use on centre fire rifles. Springers also vibrate and recoil is in both directions as the piston moves up and down.

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    thanks for the advice, looks like the credit card is going to get another kicking then.

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    Study the second hand market, by either a
    S&B or Leupold (they have the best service in case you get a dud) use
    it until you want to upgrade and sell to the same price as purchased.
    Scopes are for free then.
    As long as you don't destroy it, the quality product will sell again.

    The moment you walk out of a shop with a new whatever scope the value
    just dropped.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB
    I also have Tasco Target/Varmint 6-22X42 on my 22 lr, turns a rabbit at 100 yards into an Elephant! it's been on the rifle for a few years and the zero has never moved.

    as jonh says
    these are good scopes and i know several people who hav them on a .243 , i once considered the same my self but a pecar came up instead at half the price
    my advice john is turn your magnifacation down then they will look like rabbits
    or lay off the whisky for a day or to

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