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Thread: Solid rubber red recoils pad

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    Solid rubber red recoils pad

    I'm after a solid red recoil pad sand to fit for my mauser . 1 inch thick please

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    PKL fitted one (Silvers) on my Sako recently. If you want to do it yourself I seem to remember that they are supplied by Kynoch.

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    spot on J,

    Kynoch is the place to get Silvers pads. Not easy job to do mind. take the old off Andy, screw it to the new one and belt sand it to within 1/2mm of the originals size and shape, then fit it, tape the edges of the stock and using extreme care sand the rest off either with a fine belt sander or by hand. that's the 'garage' way to do it if you don't have the relevant jigs, etc.

    Personally I prefer to refinish stocks at the same time and actually sand the pad 'into' the stock so there's an absolutely flawless transition, but again, it's got to be done with extreme care not to take any real level of wood off the stock, and also, not to leave sanding marks of real depth in the wood as they will be travelling against the grain.

    If it's curved, you may also need to glue it as the pads are pretty straight and sturdy, if it's a straight butt, you can get away without any glue.

    also remember that you need to fit it the new one to the stock first, then with a fine scribe edge the outline on the back of the black part facing the butt, only then do you mate it to the old stock, if you just copy the old one and then screw the new one in, you'll find the holes don't match up and the screws make the new pad sit differently and you'll be kicking yourself!

    You can also fit, scribe the outline, then belt sand it, without mating it to the old pad, but if you go over the lines your rooked,..mating it to the old pad in a way stops you doing it.

    good luck :-)

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