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Thread: Please can you offer me some advise with binoculars and rangefinders.

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    Please can you offer me some advise with binoculars and rangefinders.

    Hiya Guys,

    I need a pair of binoculars and I have a budget of upto 200. I have been looking at various websites and I am at a loss.

    Please can you help.

    I will use the binoculars for stalking foxes and rabbits on the local farm at ranges up to 300m at dawn/dusk so good light gathering and range are important.

    Can you give me some advice on suitable binoculars.

    I have been looking at these below, are they any good.

    Leupold Arcadia

    Hawke Frontier 10x42

    Also I am looking for a range finder and could do with some information here too.

    Can you recommend a good one up to about 200 please.

    I have been looking at this one below, have any of you guys experienced these or can you advise me on a better one for the money?

    Nikon Rangefinders.

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    sportsman gun centre got minox 10x42 reduced from 400 to 200

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    Minox have had GOOD posts on the site already, try the search mode, comes up with several members giving good reviews, I've got a box full of crap ones costing 80 to 100 over the years. Bought Swaroski 8x30ELs 18 years ago for 288, best I could afford at time and still under g'tee, buy once buy right forget the crap ones. deerwarden

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    Another vote for Minox binos, they make great glass for the money.

    Would you consider doing without the range finder for a while and putting all the cash into binos? In that case I think 400 would get you a pair of the 8.5X43 Minox HG binos, they are top quality stuff and punch above their weight at that money. Failing that I'd say the offer mentioned above seems pretty good, though I've never used those specific binos.

    I have a range finder and do find it useful, specially when in a high seat on new ground when I can take my time and ping a few strategic landmarks. For deer, and I appreciate your situation might be different, there is little need to be able to range to 1,000 yards when the longest shot I would take through choice is 200 yards. I bought a Bushnell Scout 1000 and so far it has ranged everything I've needed to range, and a few things I just pointed it at out of interest as well. I paid less than 200 for it new, maybe from Uttings but my memory isn't clear. It is far from the best on offer and to get a reading over 800 yards you really need a white painted gable end of a largeish house. However 400 yard readings off trees and the like are reliable and more than I really need.

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    I use a pair of these ans find them quite superb.

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    I use the Hawke Frontier 8x43 ED and they are fantastic quality lenses for the money and they are pretty robust too,don't know how the standard ones would compare though but the ED's are around the 300 mark,but IMO well worth it.

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    Minox Bins are very good value for money, but I would suggest you don't bother with a range finder at this stage. Spend your money on binoculars. IMHO you already have two range finders - 1) your legs - work out what your stride length is and get into the habit of striding out distances around your ground. Do this particularly from favourite firing points, high seats, distances across glades etc. 2) get a good idea of how big a deer within range looks through a) your binoculars and b) through your scope. 90% of scopes have a duplex reticle (thick outer wires and thin central wires) and look up how far the thick bits subtend at 100m.

    Most stalking rifles sighted 1" high at 100yds you will be with 1" to 2" of aiming point out to 180 to 200m. Thus the only thing you need to worry about range is if the range is too far, and the old saying if it looks to far, get a bit closer definately holds true. Certainly a 200 yd shot to my mind and skill level is a very long shot, particularly given field conditions where you never as comfortable as on the range, and then throw in a bit of buck fever, out of breath, wind etc. But get to well within 100 yds and the deer looks big and you can easily make out the features, the shot part of the stalk, which after all is a very minor part of the whole proceedings, is actually very straightforward and you don't need to worry about the range / wind etc - cross hair tight behind the shoulder just over 1/3 of the way up the body and squeeze the trigger.
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    Thank you for starting this thread, its exactly what i was going to post as i'm in the same position myself! All information and comments appreciated.

    I bought a cheapish pair of bino's at the CLA and they work ok. I did try the Swarovski (8x42) on their stand and thought they were great but i would find it a stretch at about 1250.00! One day.................... hopefully.

    The look on the wifes face was a picture when he told me the price!!

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    A good pair of Binoculars is one of lifes real pleasures - buy them once and they last a lifetime. My good lady bought me a pair of Zeiss 7x42 BGATs for my wedding present over ten years ago and can't see me buying another pair of binoculars. I think we paid just over 600 which felt expensive at that time, but the pleasure that those binoculrs have given both of us far outweighs the expense.

    A good pair of binoculars is the most important stalking tool you will need - but the beauty of them is that they add hugely to any walk - with a good pair of binoculars you will see so much more than you ever thought was there.

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    I'm with Heym on this. If you work out the number of times that you'll look through a pair of binos in your stalking life, the investment in a good pair can be measured in fractions of a penny. You use your binos far more than you use your scope or your rifle, yet while people will spend thousands on the rifle/scope they will try to make do with the binos.

    I'm lucky enough to have a pair of the Swaro 8.5x42's and they are, indeed, optically superb and a great pleasure to use. It might sound odd, but I still get a thrill with the clarity and brightness when looking through them. I bought them three or four years ago and, while the cost was eye-watering, it's an investment that I've never regretted.

    That said, if I was just taking up stalking and looking to buy my first pair of binos I'd be very tempted with the Minox, as everything I've heard about them has been good and the pair I looked through were top notch.

    You just have to figure out for yourself whether the additional money you'll invest in a pair of Zeiss/Swaro/Leicas is going to be worth it in the long term.

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