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Thread: Stiller Spectre 6.5x47

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    Stiller Spectre 6.5x47

    Selling my beloved 6.5x47

    Stiller Spectre action with built in 20moa rail
    Timney Trigger with safety
    24" Kreiger 1-8" Barrel threaded 18x1 with invisible thread protector
    Piller Bedded into a Thumbhole Manner Adjustable T5A Stock
    Cerakoted Black
    Shot Count 549
    Comes with Redding dies and 200 Lapua Brass
    ASE S5 Mod
    1x AI AX Double stack double feed mag.
    Stupidly accurate as you would expect and feed perfectly from double stack double feed mag as the action is designed for the AI AX mags.

    Scope, Mounts and Bipod NOT INCLUDED

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    can I ask why you are selling it and who customised the rifle for you

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    You can ask all you like......... ��

    It was originally done by Stiller but Neil mckillop put it back together as I nicked the original action then got this action and had it put together by Neil.

    It shoot so well but needs must so it's up for sale.

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    I don't suppose you still have the rifle ?

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