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Thread: stopping blood coagulating

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    stopping blood coagulating

    Anybody know if there is anything that can added to blood to stop it coagulating before i get the chance to freeze it

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    Salt does the trick

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    do you know the approx amounts

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    Asprin, Warfrin, Brodifacoum, Phenindione or Heparin, however i presume you have a need for this blood, proably for consumption? as such i wouldnt be using any of the anticoagulants i have mentioned for obvious reasons, and geting hold of them could be difficult.

    As said salt might work for your application.


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    I will second that, I use salt.


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    If you are collecting it fresh/warm before it starts to coagulate,stir it with a stick and the clotting will form around the stick which is easily removed any smaller lumps can be sieved out before freezing...


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    Sieve the blood and clots through muslin cloth, it will remove the fibrin and will not clot.

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    I can't claim great experience and the above two approaches may well be better, but in my case the measure was something like a tablespoon or so to something approaching a pint of blood. That is pretty approximate as we didn't have a measure.

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