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Thread: Moderator advice

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    Moderator advice

    Are there any moderators on the market that don't go over the barrel at all ( anymore than the threaded bit of course !)

    is is the ase sl5 one of these ?


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    yes, mine is an sl5 but they are heavy, there are others,

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    Yes I have two, here's how it looks on the stalking rifle. They weigh in at 14oz but are really well built and won't wear out or rust like a lot of others, I have had one powder coated black with the proper high temp paint to match a blued barrel. Aluminium mods are lighter, but not as robust. The internal baffles, unless made of something like stainless steel, can be prone to gas cutting also.

    The heavier jet z compact is an excellent moderator also.
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    ASE jetZ compact.
    A little heavy but a great mod. Pardon the pun but they are bullet proof. I think it's the only mod rated for fully automatic rifles.

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    I think the Jet-z compact comes back a small amount behind the shoulder of the thread if this is important to Acm. Otherwise I would recommend it. I might be going back to one after trying an Atec Maxim. A little extra weight for a bomb proof product. I don't think you can beat it for size/noise reduction either.

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