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Thread: Camping at CLA

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    Camping at CLA

    Thinking of bringing my 2 boys (12 and 10) to this years CLA
    anyone on here with any experience of camping at the event?
    your advice would be appreciated.
    traveling from Ireland on the Friday and hoping to get to the site Friday afternoon. heading back Monday afternoon

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    Yes, we have camped the last few years. Quite a well organised camp site with a shop, Pub & some food outlets. Showers and bathroom block are provided, which get busy sometimes but are often not if you pick the right time. Lots of Busses or tractor buggy rides into the fair area that run all day. Can be noisy at night but that is a matter of luck like on all campsites. All said it is a good way of doing the fair as all the hotels for 30 miles around are probably all booked up by now.

    Details are here:
    Campsite Information |

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    Camped a few times, experience much the same as Neumo & never had a problem. Take your own booze & food can't beat it if the weather is good. By the way they banned chinese lanterns at the camp site a few years ago.
    I would book asap & you may get a pitch closer to the ameneties.

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    Fully agree with Thistle, don't leave it too late, try to avoid the noisy exhibitors who often camp

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    Likewise, camped there several times very good always , bring your own food . it will save you a fortune.

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    Camped a couple of times, once in tents and the second time in a caravan. Would agree with the previous posters that the services are generally good and taking your own food and booze is the way to go.

    Hope you and your boys have a great time.
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