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Thread: Back to shooting, new to deer.

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    Back to shooting, new to deer.

    i've recently returned dot shooting following a long break necessitated by work and post graduate exams.
    I'm now settle din South wales for a little while at least and have enjoyed some HFT air gunning for the last 6 months. However I have now joined a rifle club and am working toward my FAC and a DSC 1 in a few weeks time.

    Currently my Gun cabinet contains :

    Weihrauch HW 80 .22
    Sandwell field sports imp with Custom stock .22
    Air arms Pro sport .177

    I shot the L85 A1 in The TA and went stalking a couple of times with a friend when I lived in New Zealand.

    Wish list currently

    .22 LR
    .303 No 4 LE

    I expect I will have lots of questions but for the moment Hi and thanks for letting me join.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome, just over the bridge in Bristol here!

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    Hi and welcome, shooting is addictive so buy the biggest cabinet you can, because you will soon fill it up

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    It certainly is. Can't wait to get my FAC and start filling the cabinet. I've got one for 7 rifles but it already has 4 air rifles in it.

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