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Thread: CZ 452 Synthetic Stock

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    CZ 452 Synthetic Stock

    Does anyone have a CZ 245 synthetic stock for a .22 for sale? Thanks!

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    Let me guess uumm did the last synthetic one snap?

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    Precisely! Snapped like a twig.

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    Has anyone got a wooden 452 varmint stock?

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    did it snap at the point of the bipod ?

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    Mine snapped straight through the rear trigger guard screw took to my local gun shop to send it bk and still no joy ! So I was lucky enough to have one given me on this site. My local gun dealer said I can buy a new stock for 90 when it should be free as I head a lot of them have done that .

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    i wrote an articale in the sporting rifle some time back on the stocks as i had one go on the front stud and a nr miss with a 17 hmr hole in my roof of the truck !! i was told by CZ that the stud is not for the use of a bi-pod even though in all the adds or shooting pix they are used for this ? i tryed both in the uk and usa cz sub to get a new stock , i had rfd's also telling me that they had had buy's that have had defect's on there rifles ! still zero back up from cz i got this "we can sell you a new one " for 90 as you used it with a bi -pod ??? i do have a plastic one but the rubber butt has been eaten by my pals dog just the rubber lol . i now use and retro fitted the wooden thumb hole type 455 far better i feel as i do like the CZ .22Attachment 54049
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    That's where mine snapped too. Does anyone have one knocking round, original or aftermarket?

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    Edgar brothers I've emailed but no reply lol only been 6 months now !

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