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Thread: Muntjac of a lifetime

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    Muntjac of a lifetime

    Hi All

    I just thought I would share yesterdays stalk as it was a bit special for me.

    I was stalking on an estate in Worcestershire I've had for 10 years with my mate Andy, we each went off on our separate stalks as normal.

    I dropped down through a game cover and into the wood with my GSP Max at my side, I stalked a long way along some rides with out seeing too much fresh activity. I got to a corner in the rise at stopped for a call of nature.

    I could see Max lifting his nose high in the air definitely winding deer, I continued the stalk with Max slowing right up and winding all the way for another 40-50m up the ride eventually I could tell from him that the buck was in the plantation that feel away to my left.

    After a few more steps max was indicating that we were very close so I slowly looked over the brambles on the edge of the ride down into the plantation, Max was spot on 15m down below me was a Muntjac buck feeding in a bush. I could see he was a big animal straight away and slowly eased my K95 off my shoulder and placed the dot on the buck and bang. Very excited I made a big fuss of Max I knew I had shot the biggest buck of my 20 odd years Munty stalking life.

    I approached the dead buck ruining Max's fun by not letting him shake it ( I wanted the cape ) wow what a buck, I've seen photos of bucks like this from further south in the country but I've never seen anything like this around here. He was a warrior one eye missing but perfectly healed, one tusk broken off at the gum line and the other very worn down, his one nostril was cut out and healed but he was in perfect condition with a neck like a bull and 4-5lb heavier than any buck taken off the estate before.

    Many photos later even using the self timer with the camera on my roe sack to get one with Max and the buck, I carried him out to meet Andy who had shot a doe. Back home I caped the buck and Max had extra breakfast on every very happy stalker.

    I shoot more Muntjac and Fallow than any other species and these are the two I haven't got a shoulder mount of, as I have been waiting for "the one" well I've now got my Muntjac.


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    Well done mate.
    Very much deserved.
    So where were you hiding that one the other week :-) :-)

    I think you'll have the full set off that ground soon.

    Cracking photos. I don't think Amax looks too impressed with you spoiling his fun :-)



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    Excellent, a real cracker. Well done!



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    Amazing beast, congratulations!

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    What a bruiser - I bet he'd have a few tales to tell. That will look fantastic mounted on the wall too.

    Well done
    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Well done. It should score very well with brow tines like that. Let us know what it scores please once you’ve had it measured. If you need a pair of tusks for the mount then let me know as I have a set you can have if you want.

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    Cheer guys, thanks for the offer Paul but I will keep him as he is.


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    very pleased for you a fantastic buck
    regards pete

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    Congratulations on the buck of a lifetime. What calibre K95 do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Border View Post
    Congratulations on the buck of a lifetime. What calibre K95 do you have?


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