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Thread: Intro from Woodenbeam

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    Intro from Woodenbeam

    Guilty of skulking around the forum for a bit & thought it was about time to register & introduce.

    Have enjoyed shooting small game/vermin with .22 FAC Air, .22LR & .17HMR for about the last two years. The majority shot ends up on either our plates for supper or dogs / ferrets feed bowls, I like the fact I know exactly where & how the meat has been sourced.

    Thoroughly enjoy venison so have now taken a step in the direction of pursuing deer.

    DSC1 booked for the end of April and without wishing to tempt fate, have had a visit from the FEO and the nod that application for .243 is okay - now just awaiting the ticket. Hopefully this will come through shortly allowing some time to source a rifle & have a play on a range, prior to the range test on DSC.

    Plan to then follow this up with a little guided stalking as a confidence builder before going alone - that's the plan anyway!

    Reason for the .243 as opposed to anything else is I envisage primarily Munty & Roe being the main target and ticket will be closed. In my limited experience there appears to be more land signed off for .243 so avoiding the need to have surveys carried out - certainly the land on my application is to that calibre anyway.

    2nd post to this forum is going to be about a budget set up so if you see & have anything to add / comment on that would be great.

    Best regards

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    Welcome to the forum, .243 is a good choice for what you have in mind, you seem to have done your research, well done, only other cal you would need would be .308 but only if you want to go for red deer

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the SD!

    land signed off for .243 is only more common because that is the largest calibre owned by the applicant usually. There is obviously very little difference in inherent danger in .243/.308/.270 etc and if cleared for .243 then will likely be ok for a larger calibre if asked for!

    That being said there is nothing wrong with a .243 (although I have just been granted a 6.5x55 as my first stalking rifle)


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