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Thread: Budget Set Up - Browning A Bolt or second hand?

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    Budget Set Up - Browning A Bolt or second hand?

    Can I just say new to the forum so be good

    Hoping to be in the position to fill a .243 slot in the next couple of weeks so have been having a nose. Not looking to spend a fortune as this is the first venture into centre fire for me, if enjoyable and I have the time to make the most of it, then calibre may be reviewed in a few years time and budget a little bigger.

    Had thought a second hand wooden stock .243 would be just the ticket, have steered clear of synthetic in the past, no real reason just don't like the look of. Then someone put a synthetic Browning A Bolt into my hand - pleasantly surprised in the feel & price that he would supply at if purchased as a package.

    So anyone have any experience of the A Bolt? I dismissed the Howa on principle alone which seems to be a budget package set up that a few people push (trade), is this something I should be looking at after all? Is there anything else I should be looking at? Tika / Sako would be a tad excessive at this moment in time. The thought of purchasing new is of comfort I must admit.

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    I would personally take a Howa over a Browning every day of the week

    however on the budget new or decent 2nd hand argument
    would you rather drive a brand new VW polo or a used BMW/Merc?

    no judgement either way
    I would personally always take a used better quality item than a new lower quality item

    2nd hand rifles are cheap and there are so many of them it is a buyers market

    any of these will offer a much nicer experience than a new browning

    Sako .243 A11 Bolt Action Second Hand for sale. Buy for 350.

    Sako .243 AII Bolt Action Second Hand for sale. Buy for 395.

    Tikka .243 LSA-55 Bolt Action Second Hand for sale. Buy for 399.

    shop around and you may even find a package with scope and mod for pennies
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    I have a Browning A-Bolt and for the money it's very good indeed but you will probably need to sort the trigger out if it hasn't got the new featherweight trigger fitted. However don't dismiss the Howa as they are a very good starter rifle if fitted with the correct stock and trigger. In fact many don't see the need to replace their Howa rifles.

    Why not spend a little time doing a few searches on this site to see what others have written about these rifles in the past. I can tell now that plenty of opinions have been expressed on both rifles previously and on other makes also.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    New howa trigger is nice. I bought my 243 in Northampton and it needed a bit of sorting but then I only paid 200 with mod but you sound more risk averse than I.

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    I had an abolt I liked the gun it was a cracking rifle for the money but the only problem I had with it that it was fussy on the make of ammunition it was great using Hornady it was grouping less than half inch but with sierra it was treble the groups was over an inch at best , but beside that its great if I was getting another rifle on a budget it would be an abolt again but I got a Howa in 243 and for the money that is great and they are easy to custom and u can get Howa parts very easy better than the abolt , but with the Howa I only paid 400 brand new and that came with a case and a piccatiny rail to , the abolt I brought cost me 495 5 years ago

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