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Thread: long range rifle

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    long range rifle

    I know this will start an argument but
    Which is the best longe range calibre say up to 600 yds not just for target but capable of taking reasonable sized game (plains game) when required

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    0.50 cal?
    opens popcorn.

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    338 Lapua mag will get 'er done....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    .308/7.62, used for years and has more than proven it's worth.


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    22/250? .577 T-Rex?

    on a sensible note, probably .308 would be my choice.


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    Not being smart, I have zero experience of long range shooting, but, what round will deliver in excess of a 1000ft/lb's at 600 yards?

    I realise almost anything will poke a hole in paper, but how big do you have to go to get reliable expansion and a good delivery of energy into a 100kg plus animal at that distance? Guessing that you need to start with a 30 cal magnum and work up from there.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I presume the 600 yards part refers to targets and the plains game will be taken in the normal way, ie somewhere between 10 and 300 yards depending on the terrain?

    If I have read your question correctly I'll suggest the '06.

    With the right scope and rifle you can easily shoot targets out to 600 yards, I did at bisley yesterday , and with the right bullets take everything upto a Eland.

    I note that a 168 barnes tsx started at 2800-2900 fps would still have more than 1000 ftlbs at 600 yards.

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    A 300 wsm or standard 300 win mag would be a good place to start.Using a good 180gr bullet it will provide enough poke to take any medium size game out to 600 yards.Don't take this the wrong way but there are lots of rifles that are capable of taking game at extended ranges but very few shooters who can If you can hit a 4 inch target at 600 yards with every shot under field conditions then a good .300 will do the job .

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    Arguably any calibre would do the job, its after all, about shot placement.

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    The .30-06 has a lot going for it if you don't want to shoot dangerous game. If you're talking big five then I don't really know as all the big rounds are rubbish at long range! The .375H&H is probably the best bet, and that's not brilliant past 300.

    My take on it is you'll not be shooting much further out than 250-300 on anything living? In that case the '06 will do fine. I've shot 600 yards with a .223 before (on paper obviously)!

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