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Thread: Veni Biltong- Veni Jerky

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    Veni Biltong- Veni Jerky

    just putting the final drying into a couple of large hunks of veni-biltong in a borrowed biltong box

    tried a couple of recipes for biltong/jerky but they are a bit too vinegary for my liking

    this one is a quick soak in some red wine vinegar with some spices and then a dry rub of brown sugar, coriander, salt and pepper
    with the idea of it needing to be sliced rather than dried in strips ready to eat

    looks just the ticket

    photos to follow!

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    It sounds good how long does it take to mature?

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    So I did three recipes

    One from a US friend - heavy on the Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, onion powder - more like spiced BBQ jerky - Loin strips - wet marinate and hang
    One from SA - redwine vinegar, coriandar - Loin strips - wet marinate and hang
    One from SA - quick redwine coriander marinate, then dry rub with salt/pepper/coriandar and brown sugar - Stripped Haunch muscle - hung whole

    I did make a hell of a lot more than this!
    funny how it goes so quickly

    smaller strips dried in a day or so
    larger piece was about 3cm thick, that took a full 4 days but I am thinking it should have been left as I prefer it really hard and dry

    go easy on the vinegar!
    go easy on the sugar!

    the jerky style is nicer now than it first was so give it a while to mature

    quick marinate is all you need, maybe 30 mins tops

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    I use red wine for mine beef is fine with vinegar but venison red wine all the way.

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    I find the American version with Worcester sauce quick and easy in an over propped open with a wooden spoon.

    The the lads at work managed an entire fallow buck in on sitting and that was only 6 of us....
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    Just tried some with cider vingar and it was tasting very nice last night.

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    Make a heap of bil/venitong for my SA wife, she can't get enough of it. But, being a woman, she did complain about vinegar (and plenty other stuff) a few times. Put it in a spray bottle and seemed to help get less on the meat when marinating, might have something to do with me being a slap dash halfwit, but also does work a treat.

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    Been making Venison jerky for a wee while now, and always looking for new fav right now, is Teryaki ....sauce is cheap as chips from Lidl...

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    How are you drying the meat?

    Oven at what temp ? Or dehumidifier ?

    This is something that i am really keen to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayduke View Post
    How are you drying the meat?

    Oven at what temp ? Or dehumidifier ?

    This is something that i am really keen to do.
    Dead easy to make yerself a drying/biltong box mate. All you need is a plastic box/tub with a lid, a lightbulb holder and a 4" extract fan. Light bulb holder fitted to the bottom, fan at the top on the opposite side and a few holes or a vent fitted at top and bottom with fine mesh to allow air flow through and pests out. The fan draws the air past the bulb gently warming it and drying out the meat then expelling it out of the box.

    Either some stainless or plastic pipe fitted through holes either side of the box to hang the meat from and you're away!

    I have some drying in my box at the moment,


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