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    Intro Time

    Looking at returning to shooting, used to do plenty of lamping for rabbits as a youngster with the local farmer where I grew up.

    Now keen to progress to deerstalking. Quite the outdoors chap. I'm currently reading as much as possible. Finding land to shoot on will be my first hurdle as I don't really know anyone locally that shoots. I may have permission for an area about 15 acres. But as it's my first FAC application, I'll have to see what the police say.

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    book some guided stalks and keep the receipts or get a letter from the stalker All you need for your FAC is a good reason to own deer calibre rifle and booked stalking counts.

    15 acres might be do-able depending on the topography of the land but be prepared for it to be highseat only.

    Good luck


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I was expecting highseat as the land is pretty flat.

    I've spoken to the landowner today, and he's happy for me to shoot, deer are problematic at the moment alongside pest control. However he said if its got four legs he's ok with it.

    So if I booked for a few/couple of guided stalks, should I apply for something along the lines of .22LR and a deer calibre?

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    WElcome and yes if booked a stalk that is good enough reason at same time to have a deer calibre (243 or above). Just be prepared for a conversation with your FEO about such a large rifle on your first application. He migt try to convince you otherwise but you are fully entitled to one

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