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Thread: Which Smock?

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    Which Smock?


    I was just about to put an order in for a Ridgeline elite smock but I checked the cumulative knowledge/opinion/experience of the SD and after reading a few threads i.e. it appears that it is not a good option for the UK. I saw a recent video of Thomas Haugland (THLR) wearing one which looked practical + he was lying in melting snow and seemed comfortable. I digress.

    What is a good option for a waterproof smock with good chest pockets that can be used well in a layering system?

    Deerhunter seem sold out everywhere in M size.



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    Would you use it for woodland or hill - if you are not lying down in water, paramo is light waterproof and comfortable - forget it for hill stalking as it can't handle compression. Swazi seems fairly bombproof for the hill

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    Nomad quad rider smock a1 , if you are willing / able to spend that much !

    Mind you their after service is slow to say the very least.

    Had mine for 8 years and just showing its age , I'm fairly hard on my kit and it gets used a couple of times every week at least and not just sat for a couple hours in a high seat ��

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    I have got the Deerhunter one, I live in it and I layer up under it.
    Try" All Weather Clothing". they appear to have all sizes.Wf1

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    I've read the other thread reference Ridgeline but I couldn't disagree more; I have the Ridgeline Pintail smock and trousers and the performance and quality has been first class. Granted you will always get a build up of moisture but that will happen with anything that has a waterproof liner, I wear a wicking top underneath when stalking or layer up if sitting in a high seat and it works well for me. Their Pintail gear is very quiet when on the move and washes up well after a day on the deer.

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    Don't buy the Ridgeline it's like a binliner, the rivers west field pro smock is well worth a look and if you don't mind camo, swillingtons are selling them for £80.

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    I love my Ridgeline Pintail more the longer I have it. It's a great smock. Very comfortable and really practical.

    But yes, you do get bad condensation at times.

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    will you be moving or sitting still?

    if moving Ridgeline is not for you
    wear a bin liner as above, will be cheaper and still replicate the wet feeling you will have when you take it off

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    I have the swanndri smock designed and sold b uhh bushwear , I live in it dos exactly what I want it to do and reasonably price I thought.

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
    Sponsored proudly by Pfanner, Blaser, Clark Forest.

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    Thank you for the input so far. To answer the questions: I stalk on foot more than sit in a highseat. All my stalking is lowland however after a fantasticly generous offer on SD I will be in Mull in October.

    I expect this to be more arduous therefore it must have some degree of breathibility. I normally use a goretex dpm jacket if it is throwing it down but I don't like the impression it gives to joe public. Plus the pockets are crap and it's very noisy.


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