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Thread: Binoculars

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    Morning all,

    after some advice vice mostly do stalking through woodland after a new pair of Binoculars can't afford 1200 for Swarovski 10x42 what would you recommend do you think the 30's would suffice or are there bino's out there that are as good many thanks in advance budget 500-600.

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    I picked a mint pair of swaro 7x42s up for 600 second hand these suffice for all my stalking not just woodland .

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    THERE ARE A VERY NICE PAIR ON FLEA BAY at the moment 10 x 42 ELs' but 845.. you'll never lose money on them.

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    Picked up a pair of 10x25 swaro, SH,compact light to carry, try Meopta really good as well

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    try minox Bvs 8x42 for 150 quid very impressive
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    I got a set of 7x50 SLCs for 450 (albeit a while ago), my brother got some zeiss BGATs 7x42 for similar money...birding sites/forums can be a good bet.

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    Woodland stalking maybe want less than 10x mag ?
    I know depends on the wood

    What bout zeiss terra HD ?
    Seeing them new for 310 quid
    Schott glass ., zeiss name new
    Very nice I've looked thru a pair

    Haven't looked thru minox but heard very good reports bout them too

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    I Know that Swaro pump out a lot of magazine adverts and so there becomes a perception that they are the best and something to aspire to but you can do just as well, or even better, other places and the real truth is that you probably don't need "the best" for UK deer stalking. If you want the best glass then you have to look to Zeiss as in quantitative testing they always win, they might make an ideal second hand buy as would Swaro if you are stuck on the brand. The truth is you'd be a lot better spending enough on binos to get a pair adequate for your requirements and spending the rest on stalking, you'd shoot more deer that way.

    I'm a fan of Minox as they are at a really good place on the price/performance graph however they are starting to see some competition in that particular niche that they've carved out for themselves. I'd be pretty certain that if you were to compare a pair of Minox HGs to a pair of Swaros you'd not see any advantage in spending the extra cash on the Swaros in terms of optics, though clearly Swaro offer other stuff such as brand image as part of their package.

    So, before you get concerned that you don't have enough cash to go stalking with the "best" gear it is worth defining the problem you are trying to solve and making yourself aware that the "best" may not necessarily be the best for your job. I'd say that the cash you have is more than enough to buy binos which are ideal for UK stalking. In fact there are some deals on Minox about that would get you suitable binos and leave you enough cash for a day at red stags on the hill in Scotland, that's a much better deal.

    for example...

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    I bought a pair of Opticron EDX and find they are excellent. No they arent as good as swaro's, but they arent that different enough for me, did cost less than 200 and I wont cry if I drop them down a crag.
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