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Thread: Carcass Handling / Manual Handling

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    Carcass Handling / Manual Handling

    Hi All - I am thinking of approaching the NGO to set up one of their manual / carcass handling courses here on our estate near Salisbury in Wiltshire. We have two stalkers here who the agent says need to do it. Would anybody else be interested so I can get a few numbers up to run the course?

    Reply to this thread if you are interested.

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    Depending on the date (and work), yes, I could be interested. I'm about 75 minutes from Salisbury if I drive through some of the prettiest country in Southern England.
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    Depending on any potential date(s) I would be interested.

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    Again, shift roster dependent I'd be interested.
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    yes,I would plus others I reckon,subject to dates and costs.

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    subject to dates and cost.

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