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Thread: A new French hunter - Vincent21

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    A new French hunter - Vincent21

    I'm Vincent. I'm a French hunter. I'm from Burgundy.
    I'm joining your forum, because the UK is a very good destination for hunting. In 2014, I went to Scotland for deer stalking and rough shooting. And I have other projects for hunting in the UK.

    In France, I practice individual and collective hunting.
    My prefered animal is roe deer, more specially the buck in summer. Every year, I go to the mountain for chamois and mouflon. But the population of wolves increases, so there are fewer mouflons in the mountains.
    In driven hunts, I hunt roe deer, red deer, wild board and foxes.
    My prefer caliber is 270.
    3 years ago, I started to practice bowhunting a little (very a little).
    I have a beginner english level, so escuse me if I make some english mistakes.

    Thank you


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Bienvenue Vincent!

    I've been in touch with Vincent for quite some time now and have assisted him in a small way in organising stalking trips to the UK. He's a thoroughly nice guy, very helpful, with impeccable hunting ethics!

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    Glad to have you on here, Vincent21.

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    Welcome my friend. Very nice intro. Looking forward to my holiday in France this year.

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    Thank you very much for your reception.

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    Welcome Vincent. Interesting to hear about the wolf population. The time that I was hunting Chamois, there was a hunt for a single wolf taking place nearby. What is the hunting situation?

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    In France, the wolf population is going up. It's a big problem for hunting. The wolf eat first mouflon, and after it eats red and roe deer. It eats wild boar and in the end it eats chamois.
    Where I go in the South of the Alps for mouflons, 5 years ago we saw many mouflons (+ 100) on one hunting day. 2 years after in one day I see just 3 mouflons in the same place. And I see some wolves tracks on the snow. Wolves eating all mouflons. At the same time in this place, the population of chamois increased. Chamois are more difficult to catch.

    In 2015, in France we can see wolves in the half of the country. It's a big problem for hunting and for farmers (sheep farmers especially). In the government we have some Greens, and the wolf is a good thing for them.

    But it's very expensive because when a farmer suffers an attack, he receives some money in compensation.

    Now the government authorizes the shooting of several wolves every year in the country, but it's very very regulated. Now it's possible to shoot 24 animals in the country, but it's the Prefect of the department who say it's possible to shoot only one animal in this area. So the quota is never realised.

    And we think some people take captive wolves in parks and release them in nature.

    It's a big problem.....

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    To add a bit of cultural context to this, the wolf occupies something akin to the badger space in French politics. There's absolutely no widespread public support for shooting wolves, the two sides are just as prepared to have open-minded, evidence-based discussions as people are in the UK over badger culls...

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    Hi Vincent , What dogs are you using for your driven hunts ?
    Blaser K95 Stutzen - the ultimate deer stalking rifle

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