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Thread: Sleeping Vixen at work

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    Sleeping Vixen at work

    You go out all night after them, then you cant call them in or if you do you miss them.
    Then you go to work and there's one asleep in a storm drain 20 feet away.
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    I'm not sure the management or the police would be impressed if I let fly with a .243 in the middle of Milton Keynes.
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    I know what you mean ,im out in all weather trying to outwit them and when I tell ma mate in Glasgow the hassle I go to he thinks am talking pi.. as he has 6 in his garden and there sleeping below the traffic lights in the morning when he is going to work ..... he could shoot 10 every night no problem ......

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    I remember getting a late night flight in Glasgow , travelling from air park to terminal in their mini bus , seen 3 ,

    One near ConocoPhillips phillips buildings on Anderson drive in Aberdeen ..... Then after a night on the sauce , dropping my mate at his in Montrose town (taxi !)
    Here's a belter of a big dog fox I think sitting in headlights looking at him. Quite the thing, as he stumbles past it oblivious of it sitting 4ft away....
    These town fox certainly no shy !

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    Try going to Epsom in Surrey their walking around in broad daylight the dogs dont even bother their so used to them and the Parakeets flying around!

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