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    Evening all , 7x57 what kind of calibre is it ? I have recently just got one and finally got around to zeroing it ,shot my first roe with it tonight . About 40 yrds h/lungs shot and Christ it made a right mess !! Smashed about 4 ribs and created a lot of black jelly ! Very messy exit hole .
    Not sure what grain bullet it is as bullets are home loads and came with rifle . I thought it was a gentle calibre with stopping powder , I normally use .308 and know it would not cause this much damage .
    I am after some advice to a decent factory round that doesn't smash.Carcass to bits ?
    I got this rifle as something traditional but not impressed with this first outing!

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    7x57 is a great all rounder. 40 yds will always be a bit messy with any calibre, but the damage you describe is perfectly normal for that sort of range. The black jelly is just clotted blood. Sounds as if the home loads are quite fast and use a light for calibre expansive bullet.

    Go with a 140 or 150 gn bullet and steer clear of hyper performance ammo etc. just use a bog stand soft point bullet. I use a 7x65r with 139gn hornady Softpoint at 2600 fps - and it does the job very well, but 40 yds it still does quite a bit of damage, but less than .243 at that range.

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    Hi as heym20 says use a heavier slower bullet I tend to favour federal 140g I use to use 123g rws but tho fine on fallow caused a lot of damage to roe and muntjac tho at the range you are talking about I would expect even my 243 would do a bit more damage than normal stick with it its a fantastic calibre

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    Agree with both the above. The 7x57 with a 139/140gr soft point has been for me an ideal medium game/deer round. Suggest you try running some of those through yours rather than an unknown bullet and load combination.

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    I would agree with all of the above and also never use a home load you haven't loaded/watched being loaded .

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    I have had great results with 140grain Sierra Pro Hunter in my 7x57R, I load to about 780m/s - 2560 fps.

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    Wonderful round, one of the greats.
    It will perform beyond its capability on paper.
    But I notice you ask for a factory round?
    Easy as with a 7x57, there are heaps of underloaded factory ammunition loaded for the 7x57.
    Most with plain round nose soft points.
    You don't need big velocity at short and medium range.
    I'm not sure what is available in your neck of the woods but I would look at all the American loads, Federal, Remington, Winchester etc.
    Also Sellior and Bellot is a good CZ load.
    The GECKO, Norma, and RWS loads are usually loaded hotter.
    Fantastic round, I should never have sold my Heym in 7x57.

    One of the big advantages of 7x57 and 8x57 is the low powered cheaper factory ammo.
    These low powered loads roughly equal to 30-30 performance, and I think that round has killed a few deer without damaging a lot of meat.
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    I owned a lovely 7x57 a few years ago and home loaded the 120 grain Nosler ballistic tip, it was supremely accurate and killed deer with minimal fuss. As for factory ammo.... I have helped an FC ranger who used 123 grain RWS ammo through his heym, and it killed fallow with superb efficiency and not much damage.
    What people tend to forget is that our smaller deer are exactly that.. Small!! So many of the heavier factory offerings tend to not expand as well as they should unless they hit dense bone or similar. This is especially so in the slower ammunition in the larger calibers.
    The idea is toatch the bullet to size of game that is being shot, a lighter bullet for small animals and a heavier one for larger.

    As as for shooting a deer at 40 yards.... You're gonna get damage regardless of what you use!
    My main advice is to try as many different factory rounds as you can get and find the one that shoots most accurate out of your rifle, once you find it (regardless of bullet weight) practise an get confident so when you're next shooting deer at closer range you can neck shoot and not worry about damage.

    the most important thing to remember is that regardless of damage... The animal is killed instantly!!! Better to have a bit of damage on a deer that drops dead than have to go looking for one with a neat hole and 'no damage'

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    A whole thread of factory ammo just last week
    Factory ammo in 7x57

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    Quote Originally Posted by unicorn71 View Post
    Never use a home load you haven't loaded.
    Seriously. I once -and only once- took on a batch of loads with a S/H rifle. I didn't shoot any of them. Instead I stripped them for brass and bullets and weighted then chucked the powder. IIRC in one 50-round box there were at least 3 different soft-point bullets and two weights of ballistic tips. The primers were of 3 different types. Charge weights varied widely and seemed generally high for the cartridge, regardless of type or bullet*. They may have been safe to shoot, but the potential risk far outweighed the possible benefit.

    Don't take the chance of wrecking your rifle or yourself by shooting someone else's home loads. If something bad happens you have no one to blame but yourself.

    *I forgot to mention that there were also 5 different makes/types of brass, with significantly different internal volumes. All the cases that wouldn't make up a decent batch went in the bin too.
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