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    Thumbs up Recknagel customer service

    Credit where it is due folks I've just had some excellent customer service from Recknagel. I use their QD sling swivels on my rifle and have found that I would occasionally have one fail. I took some pictures of the failure, I'm an engineer and so prone to thinking funny sometimes, and sent them to Recknagel for their information as the two that have failed on me have shown the same mode of failure. I figured that Recknagel get a good reputation for their engineering and quality and so they would want to, at some point, design to mitigate for this mode of failure.

    They replied to say that the photos were now with their technical team and that they would send me two replacement swivels which I thought was a very nice gesture on their behalf as although the mode of failure was the same in both cases it could easily have been argued as a "wear and tear" failure, though the swivels have not been abused and I would say they have had a relatively easy life. The package arrived today and when I opened it it contained no less than 5 new swivels.

    So, I know that Recknagel gear is not cheap but I have seen evidence that they are proud of their engineering and that they stand by their product with a view to keeping the customer happy even to the extent of over delivering on their promises. It is nice to be able to give praise where it is due. (Did I mention that you should never, ever, buy a Land Rover? )

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    Thamks for the heads up although I have never seen, knowingly, the Recknagel Q/D swivels it's always good to hear about good companies and ones that stand behind their products are gettign fewer and further between.

    As for Land Rover I fear that under the Indian ownership they will slide further down the spippery slope and may even fail entirely. I ahve hear of no-one who trusts Tata and their quality and even though they only brought Land Rover their name linked to it plus Land Rovers own poor Q/C and Customer service rep combined may well be too much. Given a quarter of a chance I believe Tata will pull the plug and move some sort of Land Rover production to Asia cheap labour out there. The sale should never have been allowed. No doubt Blair or some of his cronies made out nicely on the deals.

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