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Thread: Base layers / wicking advice

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    Base layers / wicking advice

    Hi folks
    Been reading the ongoing smock thread & didn't want to hijack it, but got me thinking

    Which base layers / kit do you wear underneath to get best out of your smocks / jackets ?

    I have a nomad smock , but just for general dog walking , quick lowland stalk I have ridgeline igloo top ... & at 41 quid I highly rate them ... Bought 2 ! One camo one plain olive
    But I sweat looking at a set of stairs .... Even when I was fit I sweated a lot .

    How do you get best out of yer kit without being in a bin liner ?

    Experiences please


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    I like you find I sweat a lot in anything that doesn't let a good breeze through. In order to stay comfortable though I have one Helly Hansen lifawear wicking top and a load of cheap Karrimor running tops. You still sweat but you don't get the damp clammy feeling or feel as cold when you stop moving and start to cool down.

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    I wear merino wool top and bottoms. Bought off GroupOn but there will be plenty of offers around once the ski season is over
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    For me it's multiple zipped layers so that I can control the heat by zipping/unzipping. A smock wouldn't work.

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    Mountain Warehouse do merino under layers at a good price.

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    I wear the Helly Hansen Lifa base layers under Jack Wolfskin shirts which have vertex type yokes and a vent across your shoulder blades.

    When beating they are under a Border Barbour jacket and that is rarely zipped. Stalking / high seat in wet weather the same, dry weather swap Barbour for British Army Camouflage jacket.

    In cold weather I am often not particularly toasty but crucially I am never cold or clammy which is the important bit.


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    What about coming summer evenings gents ... Do you wear wicking item under a jacket / smock ?


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    Norwegian army shirts.

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    Summer - t-shirt, winter - Helly Hanson or Under Armour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JTO View Post
    Norwegian army shirts.
    Agree with above, also a big fan of SWAZI gear their Micro tops are excellent.....

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