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Thread: N independent study into bow hunting?

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    N independent study into bow hunting?

    I see the British Bowhunters Association are trying to fund an independent study into the effectiveness of archery as a means of controlling animals.

    I'm quite interested in the results so I'll be donating some money I thought some of you might fancy donating too?
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    I know of several, done before the Internet was very large. I will try to find an electronic copy and synopsis. One of them, of deer hunting over several years in the Deep South, compared about 38,000 deer killed by 38,000 killed by firearms, IIRC. It logged wounded deer, deer not recovered, found or not found later, etc. Bow hunters had about the same, or lower, wounding and non-recovery rates than firearms hunters. That may be due to the close ranges of the shots. I think Penn State did a large study there, but Pennsylvania only has about a 10 day season, whereas the South has seasons from September 1 to December 31.

    Just search for something like, "archery deer harvests" by state or area.

    Here is a very controlled study on a plantation.

    The sea islands of the Carolinas and Georgia, with no predators, are maintained by bow hunting, so there are precise records, because the hunts are by draw, and everyone signs in and out with results of deer seen, shots taken, and kills.

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    I'm neither for nor against this but I don't think it will be successful.
    I think they would need a lot of MPs to accept this and have a quite a few laws amended or introduced.
    Given that air rifle shooting is probably going to be licenced in the next few years to look to have another method of killing game is very unlikely.
    Also the support is not there even compared to hunting with dogs where thousands marched and still had no effect on the outcome

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    Friend of mine is a prof of vet med and involved in current desktop study from animal welfare perspective
    Have already given my tuppenceworth ie a bad shot placement, rifle or bow, is equally bad for deer welfare.
    Good shot from either is effective and humane.
    Challenge would be 'competence' to screen out the former. Same as with firearms.
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    I can send you lots of cities which have permitted bowhunting to control deer.
    I have bow hunting in the suburbs of Annapolis, Maryland and on a college campus in Lynchburg, Virginia.
    Most of the US Army bases with a deer problem organize hunting for military and for civilians. I have been asked to come over to the base near me and please take out the 10-point deer which is eating the general's shrubbery.

    I will put together some links.

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    A very thorough, 18 year long study can be found at

    From there, you can use the bibliography to look up some other studies.

    Bottom line was that bow hunting was effective, but efficacy varied with experience of hunter. Much as you would expect with any weapon system.

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