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Thread: game chiller

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    game chiller

    hi guys im thinking about making a small game chiller in the garage for rabbit, pheasant and deer hopefully do any of you guys have a chiller at home if so could you pleas take some pics and post them here so i can see the basic setup.


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    Cheapest option would be to look for a/some unwanted/secondhand larder fridges. Take out all the shelves and you should have enough space to hang your game. For deer you might want to install a speed frame scaffold to carry the weight.
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    Iwrch is spot on - this is exactly what I use:

    and in situ:


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    Impressive set up you have there, willie. What make is the chiller/fridge?
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    It's a Labcold - a laboratory fridge rather than a domestic one, but it does the job just the same.


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    A mate of mine got an old drinks machine, the type that you buy cans and bottles from. The coin mechanism was broken and the owners were dumping it, he took out all the guts and there was enough room for one fallow.
    In August and beginning of September we skin all deer and leave in a small fridge until we prepare for freezing. This saves turning the large fridge on and saves on the electric bill.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is my Electrolux Broadside blast chiller, bought third hand from my FEO.

    Before this I had a Pepsi drinks chiller which I made a hanger for;

    I put a stainless steel plate on the top, welded to the plate were two hangers that went down the out sides of the chiller. Two holes drilled in the hangers at the appropriate height to give maximum clearance for hanging deer.

    Then I used a hole saw to cut out, only just, oversized holes in the sides of the chiller, and a piece of stainless tube went between the hangers through the sides of the chiller.

    The tube cut to length just fitted through the holes, an overlength piece of all thread was put through the tube and then washers and nuts were put on.

    I then filled the holes round the tubes with grip fill/silicone sealer and tightened everything up.

    It worked a treat, but was a bit small.

    Atb, ft
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    Hi all
    I have the chance again of a up-right drinks chiller for 80 if anyone intrested please PM me


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    Bonnie whereabouts are you.

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    You have a PM.


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