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Thread: Quad set up.

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    Quad set up.

    Hi everyone,

    just brought a quad quad and was wondering how any of you have yours set up for shooting pictures would be great.


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    I have rail on front which i made myself to rest gun on and support the lamp, box on front to put bunnies in, box on back for ammo etc.
    i also have a 10 inch screen mounted on handle bars conected to an IR security camera and IR floodlight which allows me to drive it in the dark with no lights

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This quad belongs to a friend. Rifle rack in front with a rifle rest, front basket for carcasse extraction, rear lockable compartment behind the seat. It's a set-up that works well.

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    Feugh that's looks good that set up.can take two rifles too. Obviously driving down a road rifles would have to be stored away?

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    It never gets driven on road - it comes off the back of a trailer once it is on private land.

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    I like the way the rifle can be stored out of the wat of the shooting rest
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    I used an old stool to make a rack.

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    lockable box at front with gloves, knife, water bottle, wipes, bonesaw, chain and padlock if feel leaving quad somewhere bit exposed etc. Gun holder just in front handlebars. carcass tray bungied on at the back so can take it off and hose it out

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    MY old winter one set up never did like being wet and cold lol, but had a office seat so lamper was above and a similar to strats for a gunrest but with a right hand elbow rest added but with out the old git cover
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