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Thread: Trail camera advice please

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    Trail camera advice please

    A friend has recently become worried about the security of her kennels and I mentioned to her that several people on here had seen good results with wildlife cameras. As I know nothing about these things, could anyone recommend anything? I think one that sends a text message, with an invisible flash would be the type of thing she needs. Any suggestions?

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    A trail camera may not be ideal for this.

    Trail cameras generally need to be close to work well, about 20 feet might be optimum, so this means they need to be placed in places like deer tracks or "pinch points" where the subject will be forced to walk in a fairly small area in front of the camera. Depending on her layout this might not work well. Also it raises the possibility of the subject spotting the camera and removing it.

    There also tends to be reasonable motion blur with a trail camera when used at night and this can leave it impossible to identify faces etc.

    I think Reconyx might do a range designed specifically for security and this would be the way to go if you want a trail camera. However, I suspect there is a reason why most security setups use gear designed specifically for that job.
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    Use the search facility

    "trail AND cam"

    Loads on there

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    Get on ebay and look for ltl Acorn you get them for around 50 a pop

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    A pal has just ordered one of these for similar purposes. Looks a good bit of kit for the money, which probably means it's rubbish!

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    Prevention is preferable to catching or gathering evidence.
    Get some good security lights. You can get some quite good battery powered ones if mains isn't available. They are viable with rechargeable batteries.
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    Little acorn are good (they take the video as well), but make sure you get the genuine ones - some dodgy imports on ebay so i shelled out a little more and got it from amazon (at least you can return it if not quite suitable)

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    surly she needs live stream not a recording of what happened, where are the kennels? close to the house? IP camera would do... they even stream to a smartphone, we have ibot2 cameras on our horse stables, that sort of thing or have i missed the point

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    Thanks for that. The kennels are by the house, but it is away from other properties, she has some lights and other security but wanted to add to it. I think she likes the idea of something which will alert her to any prowlers whilst away from home, maybe giving her chance to ring her neighbours. I'll look into some of the options, and pass them on.

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