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Thread: Something learned everyday?

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    Something learned everyday?

    Just trying to wind down after the service this morning at PentreBychan crem, picked up the local free paper from this morning, small letter on the complaints/local issues page, Lady writes "How can we reconcile Gundog feed attracts zero V.A.T., with the fact that dogs for the Blind/Assistance dogs are not V.A.T. free on their feed?" .... is this a true state of affairs?.
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    My dogs are all fed on the same food, its v a t free, but the reason I bought it was it is inexpensive.
    It really cheeses me off when people say they cant feed guide dogs with high protein food that is VAT free ( just feed them less )
    I feed the same food all year around just less in the Summer.
    The local pet food store suppplies it off the shelf.
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