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Thread: Nature soon takes over!!

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    Nature soon takes over!!

    Because of a complaint we've had a 4 month lay off from my main shooting perm which got sorted yesterday and we can now resume. I had a mooch around and it's amazing just how quickly nature takes hold and the sign of deer, badgers, rabbits, etc, is astonishing!! It may also be partly because I've not been there day in day out so notice more or maybe even I have 4 months more experience of stalking, but the sign of browsing and fraying I saw is mad and I think we're going to be busy again.

    Just a shame it's right near the end of the Roe doe season as I'd starting seeing plenty but hey, at least I should get my 1st buck soon enough!!

    They've even starting using the track I cut out to get to a highseat and the slots go straight past it and these bushes just behind have been munched merrily in our absence!!

    Be interesting to see what my trailcam picks up too,

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    nice one stratts,should get some good pics.

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    was that the area you cut in front of you seat ? she sure has been hard at putting it back in place. your soon be back on top of mty

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