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Thread: New Scope wanted

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    New Scope wanted

    Allan Kelly here I am looking for a used Swarovski Z6i 3-15 x 56 Scope any one with one for sale please let me know many thanks.

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    At the risk of being a pedant...... 2.5-15x56 - or 3-18x50?
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    Hi Eric thanks for correcting me its the 2.5-15x56 I was looking for regards Allan.

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    Macleods of Tain have a used one on their list. I have bought from Gregor before and would recommend him and his team.

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    Hi Scot i have looked on there're site i can't see an illuminated one.

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    Sorry missed that. Try giving him a call see if he has one coming in. He trades them all the time. I never bother with illumination... am a keep it simple kind of guy

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    Thanks Scot I will give him a ring next week.

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    I Have a 5 -30 50 4ai bt possibly for sale?

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    Hi thanks I will keep it in mind if I can't get a Zi6

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