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Thread: My first mouflon

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    My first mouflon

    My 1st mouflon, in September 2009.

    My dream is to hunt mouflon in the mountains. Many hunters go to enclosed parks but it isn’t for me. I wanted an authentic hunting story. I had a contact for this animal in the Alps called JC, more specifically in the Southern Alps.
    JC was my guide for this trip.

    Today it’s time to leave my home in the direction of the Southern Alps. I’m driving between GAP and SISTERON.
    I have an appointment with JC in a little town. We’re going to a very small and picturesque village. It’s very, very beautiful. We spent the evening and the night in a small old hut. It’s a very famous residence.
    In the night I dream of mouflons. I have never seen this animal in the wilderness.

    The alarm rings. I’m very happy because today’s a special day for me.
    After a little breakfast, we go to the mountains. After 5 minutes by car, we are in the hunting area. It’s very beautiful place. We are between the Alps and Provence. We are in the Alpine foothills, so the vegetation on the North is grasses and in the Southern slope, is some Provencal vegetation.

    We are at the foot of the mountain, looking with binoculars for some animals. We find some lambs and ewes at a very long distance. JC says to me: today we find a big mouflon ram for you.
    I take my 270 and my rucksack. We started for a long walk.
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    Hello Vincent

    Welcome and enjoy your time here.
    If your 'long walk' is for your 'proper' Mououflon of the Mountains - Good Luck and hope endeavors successful.

    Please share the outcome.

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    It is the story about my first mouflon..... it was in 2009

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    The next episode is waiting in the wings I believe...

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    yes for writing in english, it's long time for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent21 View Post
    yes for writing in english, it's long time for me.
    Sorry I’m being impatient, all in good time.

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