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Thread: Eclipse

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    There is a eclipse happening over the lanarkshire area of Scotland just now i managed to get a pic when the clouds were passing so it wasnt just a blur on the camera on my phone.Attachment 54236

    Regards Kev
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    Yeah even though I know not to look right at it, I now have sore eyes.

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    If anyone here needs an explanation of what an eclipse is, this explains it quite succinctly:

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    I'm still in the dark...

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    Anybody else notice another burst of dawn chorus?

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    Perfect clear blue sky here in Bavaria, getting a great view.
    The light now has a strange grey tinge to it.

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    I drove up from Devon this am lovely day in Devon lovely view of the sun but got progressively more cloudy as I approached Taunton and at work sun completly obscured. It went quite dark at 9:25 but didn't see it which was a pity.


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    I managed to get this short video of the eclipse from the woods behind where I live. Sorry about the very shaky camera work - I didn't bother picking up my tripod, and I suspect that a bottle of rather nice red wine last night didn't help either - What a plonker! The sky was quite overcast but there were some breaks in the dark clouds, enough to get this short video.
    One thing that I noticed was that there was a slight drop in temperature and the song birds did quieten down a little, but even so they sang throughout it. While I was filming I didn't notice that a jay had landed in a tree less that about 15 yards from where I was standing, had I realised I would have got that on video, but alas it wasn't to be!

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    Didn't notice it to be honest the deer didn't seem to mind though plenty about on the estate this am

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