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Thread: Do Sako factory screw cut Finlites ? or can they be ordered?

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    Do Sako factory screw cut Finlites ? or can they be ordered?

    I am looking for a whole new 6.5x55 outfit, (rifle, scope & mod). I had my heart set on a Finlight before I bought my last rifle, but couldnít find one screw cut, and was told Sako will not supply or recommend having this done.

    I this correct?, can you get a Finlight 75 factory screw cut?, I would consider a 85 Stainless screw cut; do GMK have these available for dealers to order?

    This must have come up before,


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    You'll definitely get a 85 s/s Screw cut, but as far as I'm aware Sako refuse to factory cut the Finlight .

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    Only aftermarket. Screw cutting and because the barrel muzzle is very thin your looking at 1/2 unf thread at a guess , whether you could put s metric thread like m14 x 1 I don't no

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    They don't but I have a 75 finnlight in 30-06 screwcut and it hasn't caused any issues.... Yet!!

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    A stainless synthetic 85 is as light as the Finnlight and come screw cut and is cheaper.

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    My finnlite didn't come factory threaded and was done afterwards in m14x1. TBH I don't use the mod on it but I have a mod for it should I go to a permission where a Mod is desirable.

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    I had a 1/2"UNF thread put on a 75 Finnlight in 6.5x55 - worked just fine.

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    I had 1/2" UNF thread put on my 75 Finnlight, in .243 works for me also.Wf1

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    Same here 1/2 unf on my 85 finlight but had to have it done

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    Most competent gunsmiths will happily screw cut a finlight, though Sako won't. I can't find any warning against threading a finlight on Sako's website so it seems strange that Sako won't thread the rifle themselves or officially warn against having it done if there is supposidly a potential problem.

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