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Thread: Swarovski EL Range Bino's

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    Swarovski EL Range Bino's

    Sorry to post yet another Binocular related question but.....

    I am try to decide between the Swarovski 8x42 EL and the 8.5x42 EL Rangefinder binoculars. What a wonderful decision to have to make right! I'm saving up and think I will be saving for quite some time!

    Clearly the built in RF makes life a whole lot easier than having an independent RF. But my concerns are these. 1.) the added weight and bulk
    2.) When you spend this kind of money on a pair of Binoculars, its a life investment and I have no doubts that the bino's will out live me but i'm sceptical that the electronics will last as long at the stand alone binoculars.

    What I don't want is in 10 years time for the RF to give up the ghost and be left with a heavier and bulkier pair of EL's.

    I already have a decent stand alone Range finder.

    What are peoples thoughts who have them and any ideas about the warranty on the electronics in these things?

    Thanks in advance,

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    i had the same choice about 2 years ago. i had a leica lrf and some old 10x binos. sold the leica and bought the el ranges, its the convenience of having everything in one that outweighs the risk of the electronics going wrong.

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    Check the warranty on these - from memory it has been cut to 10 years, but I think (?) that there may only be a two year warranty on the electronics.....

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    i have both 8x42 swaro rangefinders and 8.5 x 42 els in my honest opinion the rangefinders are not really worth the extra money
    When i am guiding i use them but if i am stalking myself or just out spotting etc then i normally use the els


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    Warranty on the electronics is short - two years I think on the Swarovski EL-R, longer, normal 10yr on glass.
    That has not stopped me from upgrading from 10x42 EL to EL-R and I am delighted I have done so.
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    Swarovski have a reputation for repairing things that are out of warranty - usually free of charge. I have seldom read of bad customer service from Swarovski on this or any other forum . Zeiss RF binoculars have a 5 year warranty on the built in rangefinder and 10 years on the binocular.

    I have an excellent pair of Zeiss binoculars and also the stand alone Zeiss rangefinder which is also excellent, I am however contemplating selling these and moving to a dedicated Rangefinding binocular for the convenience of carrying one unit.... If I were you I would save and get a rangefinding binocular.

    I was stalking in Scotland in October and saw some Roe Deer a long way off on the edge of a wood, my rangefinder told me that these were 530 yards away, I managed to stalk to within 210 yards (confirmed by my rangefinder) before I took one of the Roe which dropped on the spot with a shot from my 270. It gave me a lot more confidence to take the shot knowing exactly how far away the deer was before squeezing the trigger. The slight downside was in having to carry two bits of kit (binos and rangefinder).
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    I Had the 8x30 rf by swaro, ive got the 8.5x42 EL's & just sold my 7x42 Leicas, All in for the 8x42 Range swaro's very happy with my choice & a very good price

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    My (rich) mate has a pair and the range finder is fantastic. Manages to range on foggy and rainy days much more reliably than my Leopold range finder can and much further too. I wish I could afford a pair of my own.

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    Whatever you decide...... Wait a little.

    Swaro have updated the EL range and they are available from next month.

    Leica have also updated to Geovid with a new Geovid HD-R due out soon too.

    Rumour has it that Zeiss have their new Rangefinder Bino offer waiting in the wings also... 2015 will be the year to see the most up to date RF Bino line up from the Big 3.

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