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Thread: Contacts for Sika stags in Lancashire?

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    Contacts for Sika stags in Lancashire?

    I live in Lancashire but know nobody who stalks it.
    I would realy love to bag a Sika Stag this year but I don't know who to contact in Lancashire.

    can anybody help me?


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    Try the forestry commission via the Grizedale office

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    As srvet says the FC is the best bet, the largest population is in Gisburn Forest and that is run by the FC. If that fails it's a nice drive to Kintyre ;-) ! If you get the chance, a lot of patience and decisive shooting is paramount I can tell you!

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    Hi Danny
    As the guys mentioned the FC are the only people who regularly let stags here in Bowland, however they let very few due to public pressure etc.
    I'm biased but..I would advise joining the BDS and attending some North West branch events where you might be able to swap a stalk with some members with sika ground.
    Alternatively, the other side of Cumbria there is a few people in the Scottish borders who let sika stags commercially some of which are on here including Jamross.
    All the best

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