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Thread: Cold stores?

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    Cold stores?

    Right then chaps. The long awaited "shed" is now on the move! I recon it will be about a month to six weeks and I'll have a 7x5m (23'x16') room to prep my Deer in!

    The area has to be shared with work tools so isn't a pro outfit. It will however have a folding table which can be kept clean, painted floor and a splash catching tray and a pulley to hang a carcass from when skinning etc. I also plan to put in one of those stainless steel farm sinks and have a hot water feed so hygene, although not up to slaughter house standards, will be more than acceptable.

    Now, chillers. I have some spare space allocated for the chiller. At a push I could go 2x3m (6'x10') but would really like to keep it a bit tighter to the back wall. I've looked at both built in pro chiller units and double drink chillers and I'm not sure what to go for? Flat out I'm likely to only need to store two Deer (Roe) at any one time so a double door drink chiller would do fine. I've also seen just the chiller unit to be fitted to a home made store but I'm not sure how simple it would be to build and insulate this kind of structure?

    We have some pro outfits and some keen hobby shooters on here, so what do you all use? What are the pros and cons of each system? I want to be able to hang up what I shoot and deal with it the next day pretty much. So cutting up and freezing will take place within 48 hours. At the moment they get hung from the beech tree in the garden and hacked into joint sized pieces. Then they're moved to the fridge then the freezer the same day which feels a little too hillbilly like for me!

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    Keep a look out for some stuff called Kingspan, insulated foamed profiled sheets, can be fixed easily using window frame fixing foam, and / or lightweight studding timber.
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    I know kingspan. It's those yellow sheets of compressed fibreglass (?) with foil on. I did think I could perhaps build a room out of that stuff by sticking it together with gripfill, but wasn't sure how I'd make the door! There's a chiller fan on the net for 90, and it's reasonably local.

    There are some great bargains on ebay at the minute, a couple of second hand complete stores for around 250. The problem I have is that I don't need them for another couple of months!

    If I could bump into a 6' square small walk in close to home I'd be well pleased!

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    I too am shortly to purchase a chiller and have thought of many ways to do it via the DIY method.

    I the site I have been looking into is from coolgame ltd. All prices inc VAT when you compare it too the other larder dealers the price is very fair.

    Any other suggestions then I like njc110381 am all ears


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    Hi i bought an old double fridge off ebay not fancy but i can hang 6 roe in it easly and it ony cost 120 pounds deliverd that was 2 years ago so it has to have paid for its self by know.

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    I bought an as new upright 6" fridge from my local free ads for 60 . Very compact on space no installation agro and can squeeze 2 roe in it. Only modification I made was to drill a hole each side near the top and put a metal bar through and took the shelves out.

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    I think I may go with that idea. It would be a lot easier than trying to fit a huge thing in. The biggest Deer I will ever need to store from this area is a Fallow Buck. If I do that I've got space for a bigger freezer too which would be great for longer term storage.

    A double door bottle fridge for around 100 is ideal. If it does a couple of years before it dies then I'll get my moneys worth.

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