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Thread: Baikal shotguns any good?

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    Baikal shotguns any good?

    Hi all after some info on baikal o/u and semi auto shotguns. Read somewhere first shot resets safty and you have to take safty off to fire second barrel does this happen on new models or is it just on older models.any information about problems if there are any would be a help, do you recommend them or would you stay away from them, also any info on reliability of the semi
    thanks for replys

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    When working safety stays off between shots.

    They are rugged reliable workhorses, they tend to be short in the stock and low in the comb.

    The barrels are made out of T54 tank armour and the wood work is best Russian railway sleeper, they rarely break but aren't designed to be pretty.

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    Baikals are a bit agricultural ,but bomb proof i have had a over and under for years and it has never missed a beat. I have never heard of the safety resetting after the first barrel. It resets when you open it.

    Regards Kev.
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    I have an over and under, it's around thirty years old, I'm at least the third owner and who knows how many cartridges have been through it. . The previous owner ran over it with the car and shattered the stock. . It was pinned back together and is still shooting like a wee beauty. Only a Baikal could take such punishment

    It's tatty and slack but I actually really like it.

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    A good few years ago in a AV Spaniel Championship at Holkham, one of the keepers, in Bowler Hat, was shooting a Baikal O/U. He was one of the guns during this championship. During the complete DVD ( or tape) he doesn't miss a thing. Be it birds or rabbits. The most fantastic piece of shooting ever seen. So if it's good enough for him, ................. It's clear you don't need an expensive gun to be a top shot.

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    Thanks for help,it's decide then looks like I'll be 400 lighter by end of week

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    It'll be money well spent, I've got a single barrel and a s/s baikal both stamped made in ussr, probably both older than me but have never let me down

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    My favourite o/u is a Baikal non ejector double trigger,as a rough shooting gun it suits me well.Chrome bores,nice triggers,totally reliable:not ugly but neither fashionable or elegant.As a working tool they are hard to fault.

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    You will never go wrong with one, they even come up great too... if you really want to push the boat out get a Feg, mine is pure quality.

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    Baikal.... the Lada of the shooting world. The go bang when required and kick like a mule. Save another 2-300 and buy a SilPig or Browning.

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