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Thread: what caliber etc

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    what caliber etc

    So, this is aimed at those of you who shoot Driven Boar.
    If you were to buy a rifle and sight specificly for Driven boar in eastern Europe, what you buy and why.
    Not interested in manafacturer, only Caliber and type of sight.
    Thank you

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    9,3x62 or 9,3x74R and a low mag scope with a big field of view.

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    .444marlin in a underlever or 9,3mm does what it says on the tin
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    I would have a 9.3 x 74r with open sights or a 1-5x20 swaro/schmidt

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    .45-70 underlever burris fast fire

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    8x57 Plenty big enough and not as fast as 3006 so possibly better suited to closer range shooting, most of which is under 50m. 9.3 is popular but costly to practice with and not so comfortable to shoot.
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    8x57R, easy to keep on target for a fast 2nd shot.
    Cheaper to shot than a 9.3.

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    9.3x74R open but red dot if you must.

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