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Thread: What did this?

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    What did this?

    I would be interested to hear if anyone has an idea as to what did this.

    Firstly, a little background.

    I found these remains of a young Doe, in December, in a field, about thirty yards from the edge of a wood. I would guesstimate its live weight as having been around the fifteen kilo mark.

    The weather was cold, as can be seen from the slight dusting of snow, and the remains were chilled, not frozen, but very cold.

    My first thoughts were that it had been poached, as the strip of woodland is adjacent to a quiet road.

    There was what I thought was a wound by the right eye, and a possible bullet exit wound, just below the right ear.

    What has me puzzled is the total lack of any hair, skin, guts, etc. anywhere near the remains.

    No visible prints or disturbance around it.

    As can be seen in the picture, the ribs on the righthand side have been sheared off close to the backbone. Both front legs were missing.

    No damage at all to the haunches.

    As well as the usual suspects, Fox, and Badger, there are Wildcats resident on the ground.

    When I found it, there was a buzzard on it, and a crow, cawing for all it was worth, overhead. Neither of them had been there long, as it was first light. The eyes were untouched, so easier picking were available straight off the bat, so to speak.

    After a taking a few pictures, I moved the remains from the field, and into the edge of the wood.

    I do intend to have a look for the head, next time I am there, just to see if there are any bullet holes, but the chances of it still being there are slim, I would say.

    Your thoughts/ideas would be welcome.


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    it could be all of the above ive seen mature ewes stripped down to a few bits of fleece ,but it strange they havnt gone for eyes head or haunches,unless it was cats going for already open bits,they are naturally lazy / wary soft part eaters, like tongues genitals etc so as to get quick meal and clear off if it was open as it looks thats what they have concentrated on,
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    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    Giant Polecat, without any doubt whatsoever

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    It would appear the head is on the right hand side of the photo,

    the legs may have been taken away and eaten elsewhere.

    likely to have been dragged about a fair bit probably by badgers, odd how the haunches appear to have been left, must be saving the best to last

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    Sasquatch - definite evidence

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    Thank you for the replies---- well, a couple of them, anyway.

    I did suspect a Yeti at one point, as one has been spotted in the area.


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    just a thought but you havnt got anyone flying a golden eagle round by you?? i have zero experience of falconary so this really is a pure guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by sir-lamp-alot View Post
    just a thought but you havnt got anyone flying a golden eagle round by you?? i have zero experience of falconary so this really is a pure guess
    Not that I know of, but an idea to consider, certainly.

    It would go some way to explain there being no drag/prints around, that I could see.


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