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Thread: shooting sticks?

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    shooting sticks?

    has anybody tried the hammond shooting sticks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by .308max View Post
    has anybody tried the hammond shooting sticks?
    I tested a set for Robert Bucknell last year, I had been using my home made ones for quite a while so the switch was a bit difficult.
    However if you was to use them from the off they would be like all quad sticks you need to stick with them, the front bar is good to move if the quarry takes a step.


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    Been using one for about 6 months. very stable and the front cradle is good for tracking. They are not the quietest thing to unclip from the carry position so if I anticipate deploying I unclip the lower fitting and carry with two fingers between the two pairs of sticks. With this method they can be set up in the twin stick position easily and the top fitting then disengages. The main issues are that I do not find the method of adjustment at all field friendly and in fact now never change the setting, there is little point as they cannot be made short enough for sitting shots. I find that when it is windy the rows of holes make a noise like a year three class having a recorder lesson ! this will spook an animal one day if it hasn't already.


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    aka Quadpod Viper Flex, as far as I can tell. Mine are labelled KP3 and I'm sure they are the same as the Hammond ones.

    Very steady and seem well made. I'm pleased with mine. Steve's comments above are excellent.

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    Somerset you appear to be correct mine are not marked KP3 but "made in denmark" with a little flag. The link you give says they adjust for sitting and kneeling shots, Ive just checked in case I am doing something wrong and no they don't. You can take a sitting shot if you are sat on a chair !
    I failed to mention that the stick is very solid in the carry setting and makes an excellent third leg for me when climbing hedges and ditches

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    Steve, Yes, I agree. Standing, or kneeling if you adjust them, but not sitting. John Hammond's website page - How to use the quadpod - says "adjustable to any height" and shows a photograph of what looks to be a very uncomfortable shooting position. I leave mine set to the standing height.

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    thanks all for the advice

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    I bought the Hammond Quadpod yesterday from Stutley Guns and after a couple of hours getting used to it on the range I can only say positive things about it!
    It is incredibly stable once you get used to setting it up - if you get the height of the poles established for your anticipated target, it is really quick to set up. Once set up, there is quite a range of lateral adjustment possible on the front (barrel) support crux as this is about 4" wide. By moving the pairs of legs forward or backward relative to each other, you can also achieve a certain degree of elevation adjustment whilst always enjoying the stability of 4 legs.
    In a hurry, it can also be used as a monopod or bipod but as a quad it comes into its own.
    I know it seems expensive at 169.00 but it is made in Norway of quality components, very well put together and is a big aid towards accuracy - if it helps me shoot cleanly and humanely, I think it is worth every penny.

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    buy british ,Limulus makes them,even exports them to scotland

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    Quote Originally Posted by derek.snr View Post
    buy british ,Limulus makes them,even exports them to scotland
    and ireland,+1 on tony,s

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