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Thread: 6.5x55 Custom Built Stalking Rifle

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    6.5x55 Custom Built Stalking Rifle

    Built by the talented & well respected Bob Harvey formally of Bailons of Birmingham.His workshop is now at Garlands shooting ground at Tamworth. Caliber is the poular 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser.Considering this rifle was built in the early 70's it is in very good condition & has not seen a lot of use, However there are a few small marks here and there. The rifle is built around a Mauser 98 action and fitted with a Ziess 8x56 scope with a #8 reticle sits in 1inch Apel swing off mounts, it has double set triggers, a butterknife bolt handle, detachable magazine floorplate, subtle engraving, crisp checkering, nice padded leather sling and quick release swivels. if built today it would cost in the region of 3-4000 for sale as it does not get used. In my opinion this is a traditional gentlemans stalking rifle,for more info & a bit of its history call Derek on 07870203252 Back up for sale due to huge time waster !!!! rifle & rings.. 500 .00 with scope 800.00 someone treat yourself , this really is a gift but I want it gone !
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20 bore and 6.5x66 056.jpg   20 bore and 6.5x66 060.jpg   20 bore and 6.5x66 061.jpg   20 bore and 6.5x66 063.jpg   20 bore and 6.5x66 062.jpg  

    20 bore and 6.5x66 069.jpg   20 bore and 6.5x66 067.jpg  
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    Not shot this rifle for a long, long time so thought I had better check it shoots straight , need not have botherd it was spot on as always, 1inch high at a 100 paces ! federal 140gr also tried a few hornady 140gr also spot on

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    top class rifle still here and open to serious offers !

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    Open to offers on this classic custom built rifle !

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    I would take a nice 20 bore in px for this rifle if anyone wants to do a deal !

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    1650 views but not even a phone call [ im suprised ] is this the wrong place to try and sell it or is a traditinal stalking rifle not the in thing anymore ?

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    Without doubt a beautiful rifle in a brilliant calibre ! If I didn't have a Sauer 202 Elegance I WOULD have snapped it up ! I too can't understand the lack of interest. Good luck with the sale.

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