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Thread: Re-barrel tikka m590 .243

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    Re-barrel tikka m590 .243

    Hi can anyone point me in the right direction to re-barrel my tikka m590. I would like to keep the original profile.

    thanks in advance.


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    Hi Marc, speak to James "Jager SA" on here, I've had a rifle from him, that happened to be a Tikka action with a new barrel and the work far exceeded my expectations, look through my threads/posts to see the rifle and what it can now do.

    regards Tristram

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    Neil Mckillop (Dasherman) is in Basingstoke

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akeld View Post
    Neil Mckillop (Dasherman) is in Basingstoke
    has just done steves of this forum

    a big +1 from me to.

    he also built my 6mmbr 0n 595.

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    lots of good smiths about ring about. get prices and take it from there

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    Can't beat James for price and quality.

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    Thanks Chaps,

    spoke to James. All booked in.

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